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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber came into the store today. I was in the copy center, during a slow down. I watched the two women walking into the store pushing our carts, the walked in and turned left instead of going straight into the store.

They stood there as I watched, they did not even read the sign that was in their face, EXIT ONLY. I mean you would have to be blind no to see it. They stood there waiting for the door to open. The first woman looks back at the second, and then looks over at me. I had a smirk on my face. She then points at the door, and her mouth was just flopping. I know she wanted me to open the door for them. I did not move a muscle, I just stood and watched. The second woman, turned to me and started pointing at the door too. I thought they really cannot be that dumb can they?

One of our regular customers walks in the front door and they are still standing at the exit door, he looks at them and walk straight into the store. They both got the idea to follow him. Once they made it into the store I just started laughing. It was one of the funniest sights.

A mistake on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Why do so many people think that we are a quick service area? I mean we strive to have quaility work. Not some crappy copy store. We take pride in our work. I ask every customer, how soon do you need this? 99% of the time, they say right now. I say ok, you want 5000 copies right now. Umm its not going to happen. Not even on a good day when the copiers are running right.

I had a guy come in at 8:55pm that is a regular at our copy center. He said Allen could you fold these for me. He had about 600 sheets to be folded. I asked how soon do you need it back? You guessed it. Right now he said. I looked at him as though he was crazy. I looked at my arm, (no watch) and he got the point. He said, I need to get these into envelopes so that I can send them out tomorrow morning. I said jokingly "A mistake on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part." He said yeah you are right, I should have already done this. I said, ok give me a few minutes. I did the folding job, but the folder's auto feed is broken and I have to manual feed them. My thumb got tired.

Have a great day all,


Larry Ohio said...

I went to the Staples Copy Center yesterday to get a few documents scanned into electronic format (yes, I don't have a scanner). I thought about you the whole time. The woman behind the counter was really fast and organized, and best of all she was cheerful.

Have a great day Allen.

Allen said...

Larry, get the store number off of the receipt and email it to me, I will give her a call. =o)

Rae said...

Maybe you need to install flashing lights and neon arrow signs, but even that wouldn't help some people find their way in the door. I would have laughed out loud seeing those two.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "Exit" sign needs to be flashing?! LOL.

Lynda said...

Tell the people to come to our Staples. We only have one door and it opens for an entrance or an exit. Perhaps they were used to that.
When will they get your folding machine fixed? It seems like it was having to be manually fed a week or two ago. I know that gets old after about 10 copies!

Pat said...

It's like people who "pull" on the doors that say "Push". But usually they figure it out after the first time it doesn't open. THese women were indeed "Dumb and dumber!"

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