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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OMG I did not know that you are GAY!

I was on facebook the other night, playing bejeweled. When a chat screen popped open. It was a Preachers Kid that I know. We have never talked in chat before. So here out of the blue he hits me up and says: "OMG I did not know you are GAY!"

I sat there looking at it dumb founded. I thought everyone knew. But I remember back when I started my Facebook page, I wanted a page that was "normal". Since my father was one of my friends. I just did not want him to get flack from his Preacher friends about who I sleep with. (its none of their business) (but I know how they gossip)

I sat there for sometime trying to figure out if I was going to lie to him or just tell him the truth. I went with the truth. I said yes I am. Then I asked "how do you feel about it?"

His reply was "no big deal". Then he said "It threw my dad for a loop". I am sure he is going to report back to his dad, and say yep Allen is gay. So I had to add this: I live with two guys, one is an ex-preacher and one is an ex-deacon. He quickly replied do I know them? I said you might know the deacon, but I do not think you know the preacher, he was from a different church.

I had to ask "how did you find out?" he replied "your facebook photo - I want to be just like Barbie. I laughed.

He told me that another Preachers Son just came out of the closet. That did not surprise me at all. I am sure there will be more before you know it. He asked how did your dad handle the news? I said go to my confession and read it. I guess he went to read it cause he signed out of Facebook.

I decided to post this on facebook so that the rest of my friends could know. I need to get it out in the open. I just hope that all the Preachers will leave my father alone. I hope they talk directly to me. We will see.



Larry Ohio said...

I had someone on FB ask me if I was gay. He saw the big rainbow background I have on my profile pic and Greg's name where it says 'relationship', but he still wasn't sure. Some straight people are just dense.

Anonymous said...

Cute post!! Hopefully you won't have any fall out. You are just being you!

Lynda said...

Funny you should talk about how your dad's friends will handle it because there was a sermon about something similar to that on the radio yesterday. They said if you have a problem with a person, confront the person about the problem rather than talk about it to many, many others. And if they are preachers, they should know their Bible and know that God gives each individual free will to choose what they will do in life. Being Bible educated, you and I both know we will stand before a Holy God one day and HE will be the one to declare our eternity - - - and also judge other people's attitudes and conversations.

Rae said...

I must be dense, because I just don't get it. Why does it even matter? I hate when people ask stupid questions. You are you. Gay does not define you as a person. You are a wonderful, sensitive, smart person who just happens to be gay. It is just a part of who you are. That person made it sound like it was your whole being. Sorry for getting on my soapbox and ranting. It gets under my skin for people to be so dumb.

Pat said...

I agree with Rae - who the heck cares if you're gay or not? I don't care what you do in the bedroom!

Love the shirt you're wearing - I had to enlarge it to read the line under "I wanna be just like Barbie"! Too funny! Although who'd want pointy tits and feet in constant high heeled formation I ask you?

Allen said...

Larry, I agree with you.

Michael, I hope I dont have a falling out either. Time will tell.

Miss Lynda, I know they are supposed to confront the person, but for the life of me, I dont understand why they always talk amongst themselves.

Rae, you can stand on your soap box any day. But what you said is so true. ITs just a dumb label and it does not change who we are as a person.

Pat, I just want all her money. LOL

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