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Monday, February 22, 2010

I won Wooo-Hoooo

Tonight was a lot of fun. As you know I had a Texas Hold em Poker Party. 6 were in attendance. Mr. Bronx, C.B. (only girl), J.E., Kevin, Michael, and I. I expected more, but I am happy for all that showed up.

$15.00 was the buy in, and you would receive 1500 in chips. The last one with all the chips wins. 3rd place - received $10.00, 2nd place received $20.00 and 1st place took the rest of the money.

Mr. Bronx has never played Poker before tonight. We gave him a crash course and we started the tournament at 8:30pm and it went until 12:45am. It was a long game.

First one out was Mr. Bronx, then Kevin, then J.E., then Michael. It was down to two of us. C.B and I. We played only a couple of hands before I said all in and she followed me with the all in. I won. woot

Thanks again Everyone for a wonderful night!


Wonder Man said...

I still need to learn how to play

Lynda said...

Sounds like you had fun with friends. We used to play poker after dinner on Friday nights for pennies with parents and siblings. One BIG dish of pennies was kept just for keeping score. It was lots of fun - - - and it's just another card game - - - like Rook.

Larry Ohio said...

You are a total shark and don't deny it! Glad you had fun :-)

Kyle Leach said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Allen. Glad you had a great time.

Pat said...

I notice you didn't say how much you won! LOL! Congrats on the big winnings! So - when ya going to Vegas?

Allen said...

Wonder Man, Playing is pretty simple. Check it out online there are tons of place to learn from. I learned most of mine from playing online. (free)

Miss Lynda, Oh my parents used to love to play rook. It was like a saturday night thing.

Larry, Thanks. It was a nice night.

Kyle, thanks. It was fun

Pat, I have never been to Vegas. I do need to go sometime. =o)

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