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Friday, March 26, 2010

Ralph Parsley

I wanted to give a little bit of a background on how I met Ralph Parsley.

Back some 35 years ago the Smith family started going to my fathers church. The Smiths had a son (Michael) that was around my age at the time, and he and I became close friends. The Smiths became part of my family and we a part of theirs. (all my real family was either in Ark or Florida.)

Our family would go to all their family functions. We are a part of their family.


I just received an email from Cindy about her father Ralph Parsley. Channel 13 Wthr did a news report on her father. There is also pictures and a video of the report.

Cindy said 18 months to two years, so a lot of hard work ahead for Uncle Ralph's recovery.

The road is horrible. It's a horrible road and they claimed they would fix that road for 26 years and never did do it. Uncle Ralph said.

That's the part that is rough. In order for us to have something fixed from the city my dad has to be here. Said Debbie, Ralph's Daughter.

I have mixed feelings on this. I am sorry that Uncle Ralph fell into the pot hole, but I am angry at the city for not fixing the problem the same day. The city came out and filled the "pot holes" but they did not fix the road. The road is still messed up. Why cant the city just repave the road? 26 years waiting for the road to be fixed is just nuts.


Staples News

There is not much to report, other than my hours have been cut. Other than that all is good at work. I really do enjoy my position there. I really like K she is the bomb.

G.M. said: "I went to your site" He said the Oops article was funny.

J.L. said "so your desk was 4' off the ground." I had to explain my window problem and how I wanted it up high.

Mr. Bornx said "I only go to your site once in awhile" I guess he did not see the video. hehe

I.D. said " your site is too whinny for me" - What?!? I did not know it was whinny.


Have a great weekend all,


Lille Diane said...

Thank you for the update about Ralph. I agree that they should have fixed the road not just filled some holes. Maybe this will still work to bring attention to it. If the right investigative reporter is on the story they may be able to get the powers that be to fix it the right way. It is sad Ralph will have such a long recovery time but I am grateful he will make it.

Love you!

Lynda said...

You are not whinny. You post some interesting stuff.
Why did your hours get cut? I know you were working some long days so are you just back to a "normal" schedule? Or is it because business naturally slows down at certain times of the year?

Allen said...

@ Lille, Thanks for keeping tabs on this. And thanks for your prayers.

@ Miss Lynda, my hours are back to the normal. This is what I am actually supposed to have. I just came in at the time xmas was getting started. Its all good, its allowed me to think outside of the box.

Pat said...

I would think there could be a lawsuit on the city's hands with the pot hole involved in the accident. It's a shame they didn't repair this road a long time ago.

Now that you have more free time, you'll be able to work on your tan. :)

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