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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeding Baby Ducks

I have a morning routine, I get up and fix coffee and then head out to the porch to wake up. I sit and watch all that goes on. Like the blue jays, Owls, Turtle Doves, and many other birds. This morning was quite different. When I went out I saw a momma duck with 12 baby ducks. I quickly ran into the house, got a piece of bread, grabbed my camera, and went out side. I did not know how they would react, but I think they just loved me today. They came up a lot closer than I thought, plus the momma duck was wagging her tail feathers. (You can see it in the video.)



Cubby said...

You made me very happy today :-)

Lynda said...

Very cute and a nice reward after that storm!

Kyle Leach said...

Absolutely adorable Allen! :)

Pat said...

I'm surprised they came so close to you. They are adorable. I could also hear the doves in the background.

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