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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is a Page Rank?

MissLynda said: "huh? What's a page rank and I think I know what widgets are but don't have time to add any."

Well MissLynda its a way for google (search engines) to grade your site. Page Rank show the score as 0/10 to start. So what does that mean? Simple, page rank show your status on the search pages. Like for instant, I did an article on Camp Chautauqua, Miamisburg Ohio. If you Google search Camp Chautauqua miamisburg Ohio, you will see the links to my articles on the first page, 4th one down. Showing 1 of 22,000. Not bad if you ask me. But that has to do with my page rank. My page rank is 3/10, if my page rank was lets say 5/10, I am sure my article would be sitting on the top of the page. The higher up the page you are the more clicks you get. Now last year 2009 just with this article my site received 298 new visitors.

Now if you do a Google search on: Camp chautauqua, you will see my article on the 4th page. Even though I have 3/10, my page rank is lower than most, so its further down the pages.

If I did not explain this well, then please read the definition on Wikipedia.


Lynda said...

Cool - - - thanks for the extra explanation! I will do that search and hopefully try to find some time to do some of your suggestions. It sounds like fun.

Pat said...

Thanks for explaining that Allen! Interesting stuff!

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