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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bargain Shopper

I love to find great items at low prices. So I consider myself a Bargain Shopper. I always keep my eyes peeled for that special thing.

I have been wanting a recliner for so long. But when I priced them, for a cheap one (cloth & new) $285.00

I found this at a garage sale.

This is all black leather recliner, I paid a mere $20.00. Its so conformable, I have even slept in it.

Now this next one is a Dreamie Its a sheet that is all sown up with only one side open. Its quite warm, for those of you that need warming up.

I paid only .50 cents for it. Talk about a savings.

Now these next items is called a Padded Butterfly Chair. They are a fold-up chair and can be taken anywhere. They are nice, I bought them for my bedroom.

Now with these chairs they sold for $40 for each one, they went on sale down to $15.00. I received my rewards check this past week and had enough to buy one for $15.00 and the other one the rewards covered it.


Lynda said...

I LOVE shopping for things and when I find them on sale, I feel very, very happy. hmmmmm - - - that has been called shopping therapy and could become an addiction - - - but I've admitted it and that's the first step - - right?!!!

Pat said...

All great deals! That recliner was a STEAL!

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