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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Better

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday Wishes!! That was so sweet of you!!

Well the only thing I have to report is about my smoking or the lack of it. I officially quit on Jan. 2, 2011. I have not bought one pack since that day.

With my electronic cigarette, it has helped out so much. But there are sometimes that I really want a cigarette, and yes I break down and have a drag from someones cigarette.

Things that I have noticed since I've quit:

I smell things so much better now, I mean, OMG I can smell cigarette smoke a mile away. I can smell it on people and in businesses that allows smoking. Its weird that you get so accustom to the smell. I hate the smell of cigarette buts in the trash can. Its gross. (wish my roomy's would throw theirs in another trash can, instead of the one in the kitchen.) Talk about wanting to gag.

I taste food like I never had. I mean I cooked a steak last night and wow was that yummy. The Starbucks coffee that I normally get, wow is that great, its better than ever before.

My sleeping time has changed though, I dont sleep well. I sleep 2 hours and wake up. I assume that my body is craving nicotine and waking me up.


Work is good, still learning.


I have a stalker. I will write more about that later. ugh.


Lynda said...

Good for you on the cigarette smoking - - and try not to steal too many puffs from another or you will be back smoking again. Take it from one who knows. Did not know it was your birthday - - - hope it is or was great! You're not as old as me - - - the person who will be 60 in 9 hours!
It was great to hear from you again.

Pat said...

I'm happy that you're quitting smoking. I agree with Miss Lynda....try not to puff on others cigarettes because it will be too easy to fall back don't you think?

The lungs repair themselves pretty fast once you stop smoking. Keep up the good work!

Oh and happy belated Birthday!

John said...

wtg on not smoking--keep it up and if you slip then quit again. I wish you would tell your friends that smoke NOT to give you a cigarette, if you ask and also not to even give you a single drag. You could be a puff away from a pack a day! They should be more supportive! Also from somebody that knows--been there, done that.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, the sleep problem probably is from the withdrawal. I'm willing to bet eventually that will subside.

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