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Monday, January 17, 2011

Terro Liquid Ant Baits

This has got to be the best product on the market. We use this all the time. It works and it works well.

For some strange reason the ants decided that they loved my shower. There was a line of them going to it. I opened a Terro and sat it down on the ledge of the shower, and left for work. I thought when I got home I would just pick up the trap and move it else where.

The ants had another idea, they said "lets pore it out on the floor" and so they did. It was a gross sight to see when I got home and seen this mess they made. I really could not figure out how they did it either. I mean how many ants did they have to fit inside that container before it spilled out onto the side of my shower and down to the floor? Thousands, and why did they die all around the trap. I mean they normally take some to the home and share it. But not in this case, they just fed themselves to death.

It was not an easy thing to clean up either, the liquid is like honey its thick and sticky. I used rubber gloves and an old rag with hot water to clean it up.

I haven't seen anymore ants in my bathroom. Thank goodness.


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