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Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Comments

I dont quite understand how my site does not allow comments now. I have tried everything that I know to fix the problem, including searching it on google.

Its frustrating cause I love to see comments from my blogger friends and others.


Since I have gotten my new computer, I have been trying to get it set and ready. I am in the process of making recovery disk. So far its been a very slow process. I am on 6 dvd's so far. Who thought there would be that much information on a new computer.

Recovery Disk are a very important part for your computer. If you dont have any you should make at least one set. If your computer ever crashes, and you need to restore it. That is what they are for.


Work is still going good. The new GM said that I should be a full manger within 6 months. I hope he is right on that. The extra money would be nice.

Next week is my vacation. I am so ready for one. I am going to be staying home. I just wanted a week of nothing to do.


Allen said...

omg its fixed. yay!!

Cubby said...

Yay!!! So what was wrong? An overlooked setting?

Lynda said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! It's always nice when things get back to normal. Any plans for the vacation or just relax and enjoy the time off?

Allen said...

@ Cubby - Not a clue. All my settings were right.

@ Lynda - no plans for my vacation. Just relaxing. =o)

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