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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Speech recognition

I've found a new toy on my computer. It is called speech recognition. I'm doing nothing but talking on my microphone and it is typing the text for me it even spells the words correctly.

This is the first day of my vacation and I have enjoyed myself so much. I've only thought about work twice today. I hope everything's going well for them because I know Jason is going to read this. I do miss Mr. Bronks. Not sure if I told you that he is at a new store. He is now a manager.

I'm not sure if I also told you that we have a new general manager. He is young smart and seems to know what he's doing.

This is fun! I am still learning all the tricks of the speech recognition.

I'm not sure if I should say this on here but I'm going to. My stepmom pulled a prank on my father. She received flowers from her son for mother's day. It was addressed to her maiden name. My stepmom went out and bought a new card for the flowers.
My stepmom sign the card from RA. And put it with the flowers. When my father got home he noticed the card, the asked my stepmother who RA was? She told him that it was an old client.
My father was upset, he was more like jealous. My stepmom let this go on for over 24 hours. She told me she had to tell him the truth. lol

This program speech recognition, allows the user to not only to type text, it also allows you to open and run programs. I opened the window for my website, and started voice texting.


Cubby said...

Wow the recognition software is way more advanced than I knew. Have a happy and restful vacation.

Pat said...

I remember a friend using this years ago. He told me once while using it that he sneezed and it typed "1584"! I thought that was so funny!

Allen said...

@ cubby - thanks I am trying to do just that.

@ pat - I coughed and asked what was that? lol

John said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation and get time to explore the new computer! I know a blind lady that has used speech recognition software for many years for all her computer activities. It is truly amazing. Have a great week of rest and relaxation!

Allen said...

@ John, Thanks I plan on it. =o)

Lynda said...

Speech recognition sounds like fun and would prevent carpal tunnel syndrome! Can you watch TV with the volume turned up while doing this or does it only recognize your voice? Just a thought that jumped into my head.

Allen said...

@Lynda, I dont think that will work, cause my roommy coughed and it added words. lol

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