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Friday, February 3, 2012

Went to the Doctor :(

I went to the doctor yesterday. I needed to. I have been having this problem with my right hand.

My appointment was at 4pm, I walked in 10 minutes early. I signed in and sat in the waiting room and at 401p the nurse came in to get me.  took me to get all my vitals. Every thing check out, she then took me to another waiting room.  I sat there for just a few minutes.  The doctor came in and said this way Allen. I followed him to the room.

We sat down, and he said we need to go over your blood work. (i had it drawn a couple of months back.) He went over every thing with me and said it all looks good.

He said what is wrong?

I handed him a piece of paper. I listed 11 things that are wrong with me.  I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't forget anything.

He said wow that is a lot, which of these needs to be addressed first?  I said my right hand is my biggest concern right now. And second would be my varicose veins.

He said so tell me about your right hand.

I said, ok this started about 3 months ago. My right hand is loosing muscle control.  I have been having pain in between my nuckels, and back of my hand. It comes and goes. The problem I am having is, I will pick up something: paper, pens, boxes, etc and will just drop them for no reason.  Just two weeks ago, a man handed me his credit card so that I could run it in our machine. From his hand to mine was fine, but go from there to the machine, I lost it. It fell on the counter.  The man said "dont like my card?"  I laughed and said no not at all. I dont know what happened.

Then in the kitchen the other morning, I went to get a glass of tea. I pulled the picture out of the fridge and the whole thing fell on the floor. What a mess that made.

The doctor started asking me all kinds of questions:

Numbing?   No
Tingling?   No
Loosing muscle control in your arm?  No
Left hand? No
Any problems lifting?  No/yes  I have no problem lifting, the problem is when am I going to drop it is the question. I mean it lets go when it wants too.  I could be lifting a case of paper and it lets go and crashes on the floor.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to move my foot to keep it from being smashed.
After he asked me a bunch of questions he just sat there. Then he spoke. He said, it sounds like some kind of nerve damage.

I took out my phone and showed him a text from my father. I said this is what my mom had for a few years before she died.

Multiple systems atrophy, which is an umbrella for number of things. Specifically, Straitonigral Degeneration.

I told him my father said its not hereditary.

The doctor said I have not heard of that.  He turned his computer monitor and faced it towards me. He said lets just look this up. He Googled it.  He read all the pages on the site.

He said I was going to just order you a cat-scan. But on second thought I am going to have you do an MRI. He said he still think its nerve damage, but he said that my brain could be miss-firing too.  So with the MRI it will show both. 

He said now about your Varicose veins, whats wrong there?

I said well on my feet, the little blood vessels are popping and on my right leg, the veins are moving. It feels like I have a hundred ants walking down the inside of my leg, and its like the are moving to get around things.  

He is sending me to a vascular surgeon. 

With all this news, I have been a bit withdrawn.  


Cubby said...

Oh man, you're too young to be falling apart. Best of luck with the tests.

Lynda said...

Bummer, Allen. . . . I have the same problem with my right hand - - - but mine seems to be either arthritis in a joint causing tendon/ligament swelling or I have overused those same t's & l's. Doctor gave me a cortisone shot last time and wanted to again - - - but that is not a cure-all. It might need surgery due to trigger-finger symptoms - - but then it would have arthritis for sure and not much better.
"At my age", I am just picking the major things to address. I pray they can find some simple fixes for your health issues cuz you aren't old enough to deal with these. Sounds like your doc is doing well with the referrals. It sounds like he is taking you seriously and taking his time with you. That's not the norm with all docs.

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