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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Once upon a time....

There was a boy..... he was a confused little boy..... he couldn't run and play like all the other kids.... he either had surgeries or he was in plaster casts. (on both legs) his last surgery was when he was 18. He was happy then.

Now 20+ years later......

I was at work and started noticing that I am having motor skill problems in my right hand. It doesnt want to hold things. I will pick something up and then its on the floor, but I think I still have it in my hand. I went to my family doctor and he sent me to have a MRI on my brain. It came back with some white spots and the MRI tech said it could be MS.  My family doctor sent me to a neurologist. The Neurologist looked over my brain scan and said you dont have MS.  Whew what a relief. I stood up wrong and yelped. He asked what was wrong, I said I think I have a sciatic nerve problem.  Back into the MRI I go.

When he got the results, his staff called me to come in. He said take off your clothes and lay on that table. I did what he said without asking questions.  He then said, I am going to do and electric shock on your legs. The shock hit me, and my feet jumped all around. He then, said this is going to hurt a little. I felt a very sharp pain in my leg. He said hold still. He drove needles into my legs, upper legs, and lower back. He was checking my muscles.  (I found out later that I have nerve damage in my back and legs)

He sat me up and said, L(something) had a deteriorating disk and its pinching a nerve. He put me on Gabapentin which is a nerve blocker. It works most of the time. But there are times I still have pain. Like in the mornings, or right before bed time.

He also said that its not going to get better, he doesn't want to do surgery. Pills first, then shots.


Cubby said...

This is terrible news, but I'm glad the pills are working. Will there be more testing to find out about why you are dropping things? Or is that related to your deteriorated disc?

Allen said...

no its completely different. =o(

Pat said...

I hate to hear this, Allen. I'm glad the pills are helping somewhat, but what about the problem with your hand? Is the Dr. going to get to the bottom of that?

Allen said...

Pat, I have to go back to my family doctor, I have an appointment, and we have to figure something out.

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