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Monday, November 12, 2012

Saved by an Angel

What a crazy day this was. It started like any day, I got up at 7am and started my coffee, took my shower and got ready for work. Headed out the door at 8am to hit the interstate, I get on the interstate and moved 3 lanes over.  Then it happened, my engine stopped running.  I thought at first my gear popped out and I started shifting but still nothing. I started moving back over to get to the side of the road. I just made it. I was freaking out. I tried to start it, it turned over but would never start.  Yes I had gas, filled it up two days ago.

I first called work to let them know I was either going to be late or not there at all. They told me to keep them posted.

I called my roommate, no answer. I called my friends one by one no answer. I was really starting to freak out. Then my phone rang. It was my Angel, it was my father.  My father said, son dont drive your car, the brakes are too bad, take it to... I interrupted him and said my car died and I am stuck on the side of the interstate. He said calm down, every thing will work out.  He made some phone calls and told me to call the Road Rangers.


I called them and said I am stuck on the side of the interstate. The woman on the phone said they would be out as soon as they can. I looked into my rear view and they were behind me. I told the woman wow, that was fast. She said what was. I said truck #45 is sitting behind me. Then I said wow you guys are great and speedy. We both laughed.

The man got out of the truck and asked what was the problem and I explained what was wrong. He said you got gas? I said yes. Does it turn over? I said yes. He said well there is nothing I can do, have a good day and got back into his truck and left.

I called my father back and told him. He said hold on and then got back and said a tow truck is on its way. The tow truck driver called and said it would be at least 45 minutes before they could be here. I said ok.

The tow truck shows up and puts my car on his truck, it was a flat bed. We get in the truck and I asked do you know where we are going? He said yes your father told me. I said ok and we were on our way. We get to the destination, but there was no auto shop anywhere to be found. He then asked what the address again? I gave it to him, he looked it up on his map app on his phone. He said this is where it said to go, and now it says its down where we were. We were on the road for over an hour total.

We get to the shop, and the Owner of the place Don came up to me and introduce himself. He said your father called. I said yes that is me. He said what happened and I explained it again.  He told his worker and the guy went to my car and put some reader on it.

He then opened my distributor cap and inside looked like a rat got into it. 
 Don came over and said you need a new distributor and that part cost $263.00 not including labor. I about cried. I called my father and told him what it was going to cost. He said go ahead and get it fixed, and get the brakes fixed too. I said ok. I told Don and he said I will order the part and it will take about two hours. I said ok and called my boss.  It was a little over two hours and the part that came was the wrong one. Don called and said its this one. So we waited again.

I asked if they could put it up on the rack and work on the brakes while we waited. The employee pulled them off and showed me the disc's and I told him it looks like records he laughed and said yes they do.

My boss calls me and said when its fixed we still need you to come in and work. You need to close. I said ok. Even though I really didnt want to go in at all. I was already exhausted.

Don walks by me and said well at least you got the day off. I said no, my boss just called and said to come in anyways. He said oh sorry.

At 3:45pm  I was done and on my way to work. I was feeling sick, I hadnt eaten all day. I stopped and grabbed some food on the way to work.

Work was just as nutty as my day had been going. Problems left and right. Lots of work to be done and not enough time to finish it all.

P.s. Thanks Dad for all your help today! LYL

1 comment:

Pat said...

No matter how old you get, you know your parents care for you and worry about your safety! It's great that your Dad took care of your car worries. I'm glad you were safe and everything turned out okay.

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