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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bowling Outside (video)

My father gave me a projector about 3 years ago. I really hadnt used it. Until I moved here. I talked to my neighbors and asked if any of them like to bowl. All of them said yes, but they said "it cost 4.35 a game". I said I wont charge you that much.

They all had a puzzled look on their faces. I started setting up my projector and my wii with bowling.

After everything was set up, one of the guys got out his tape measure and found out we were playing on 145" screen. I have a perfect side to my house that it works great on.

As you can see my neighbor hit a strike. We normally play 3 games. Tonight was pretty cool. There was a total of 8 of us. Normally there is 3 of us. So 4 of us played then the other 4 played. We all talked and laughed alot tonight.



I am not used to being in a neighbor hood, that people care about their neighbors. About once a week I get a present. I will step out on my patio and there will be a gift there waiting on me. Two weeks ago it was a toaster oven.  Last week it was a blind for one of my windows. This week it was a bag of can goods. Today one of the neighbors walks over with a huge bowl of food. He said I hope you havent ate yet. I hadnt. It was yummy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really cool. Glad you are happy and doing well. We miss you. C & M Fort Lauderdale

Allen said...

OMG I so miss you guys! Thanks for Stopping By my site!!

Lynda said...

Praise God for an extended family who sound very loving! Home is supposed to be a sanctuary and it is nice when it is that way. You sound very happy which makes this "mother's heart" warm. (I know you aren't my child but you have become family to me, too.)

Allen said...

Momma Lynda, aww that is so sweet of you to say!!

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