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Friday, March 8, 2013

No Internet

No internet for almost 2 months was driving me nuts. I wanted to get on here and post and let you know whats been going on.

The internet wasnt the problem, it was my laptop. When I was still living in my fathers dorm, my laptop crashed. So I had no way of doing anything on the computer. Someone suggested I go the the local library, but I wanted to work on my place more than finding a library.

Mayer Tankless Hot Water system

My hot water system is the best thing in the world. There is dial on the front of it that you can turn up the hot water or turn it down. When we hooked it up, we couldnt get it to work, we thought we had gotten a bad one. We thought we had to return it. About 3 nights later one of my new neighbors said hey let me take a look at it. Then another neighbor wanted to see it too. We or I should say them, opened it up and took out a tester and found a loose connection. Its worked like a charm ever since.

 I am not totally sure what the electric bill is going to be with using this system, but I will let you know this next months bill. My last electric bill said that I was at a $1.09 daily average. So hopefully I can keep that up. =o)


I am still working in the Copy Center at work. I was worried for awhile. The boss was only giving me 16 a week. I was freaking out. But now I have been getting an average of 25 hours a week. Since I have only been getting that many hours I have decided to start up my window cleaning company again. I hope that I am successful at it.


Pat said...

You are so industrious! Good luck with the new company!

Allen said...

Thanks Pat!

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