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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Honesty Pays

A friend calls me:

Me: hello
Jay: get over here
Me: What?
Jay: come over here!
Me: OK

I head out the door and walk over to my friends house. His roomy was there. Jay opens the door and asked "What took you so long? Where is your SUV? "

I said why waste the gas to come over here? You only live two blocks away.  Joe interrupts our conversation. Joe then says Allen could you please drive me to a friends house? I said sure Joe. Let me go get my SUV. Joe says I will walk with you.

Joe then explains what is going on. He has a friend that is getting ready to have a yard sale, and he wanted to see what she has before she puts it all out.

When we arrive we are greeted by Mrs. M. She told us the story about the why she is selling everything. She said look around and see what all you two want and I will make you a great deal. I started looking at her couch. I said how much for the couch? She said $100. I said let me think about it. She said there are things in the bedrooms too. I walk into the first bedroom and there sits a bed. Queen size. I pop my head out the door of the room, how much for the bed? $40 bucks. Its a nice one, it pillow top. I said sold. I said can I come by tomorrow and pick it up? She said sure, here is my number call me when you start to head over. Joe buys a few things and we head out the door. I was happy with a bed. My blow up mattress has a very slow leak, and its a pain to blow it up every day. I was so excited about the bed. Joe and I chatted about all the great buys we got.

The next day I call Mrs. M. I am on my way. She said I will leave now and we should be there about the same time.

I head over to Mrs. M house. When I arrived she greeted me at the door. She said come on in. We talked for a few minutes, I told her about me living in a tent and now what I have. She said you might also be interested in some carpet and lumber I have in the shed out back. She takes me out back and opens the shed. I looked in side, the carpet was new, in a roll. She said these are just pieces left from a room in the house. I asked how much? She said for you $30. I knew how much lumber cost and that was a fair price. Just for the lumber to buy it new would
cost over $75. I said sold.


I said well let me go and get the bed loaded on the SUV. She said ok, if you see anything else just ask. I said ok thank you.

We head into the house. I go into the bedroom and raise up the mattress off the boxsprings. Sitting on the boxsprings was 4 necklaces. One had a nice size diamond in it, all women's necklaces. I pick them up and walk to Mrs. M.

Mrs. M are these yours? As I raise them all up. She gasps really loud and starts crying. She said I didn't think I was ever going to see these again. They got stolen. I knew it was my roommate. She held the diamond one up to her heart, clinching it really tight. She said this was my grandmothers, she gave it to me. When she finally calmed down, she said where did you find them? I said between the mattress and the boxsprings. She again says I knew that asshole stole them.

Mrs. M said you sure are an honest man. She gives me a hug. She then say follow me. She said you want the bed, couch, carpet, lumber and I saw you eyeing the mannequins do you want them too? I said well if the price is right. She said they are all yours. I don't want your money, you just gave me the best gift.

While I was pulling out the lumber from the shed, I noticed several stacks of insulation. I didn't say or ask, because I thought she gave me enough. She saw that I was eyeing them, she smiled at me and said yes Allen you have have that too. I said I can't. She said yes you can and if you see anything else in here just take it. I said are you sure? She said yes. I have already been through it all.

We load up the bed and head back to the Mobile Mansion. My friend says damn boy you got so much. I said I know, can you believe it.

We unloaded the bed and headed back. Once back Mrs. M said I made you a pile next to the shed, take what you want of it or all of it. I said ok. We head back to the shed, there was a pile of all kinds of things, paint brushes, paint cans, paint supplies, electric stuff, garden hoses, and a tub of all kinds of things. I thanked her and said I will just take it all. I am sure I can find a use for it.

We had to make 3 more trips to get it all, every time we went back she had another pile of stuff.

So you see Honesty Pays!

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