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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mobile Mansion Kitchen

I told you in previous post that Mrs. M gave me the lumber and the insulation. I had already pulled down all the old walls, and was trying for the life of me, to figure out how I was going to put in the insulation. Its depth is 4", my wall space is 2". I sat there for the longest time, then the light bulb came on, why not just add 2x2's, that would give me the 4" that I needed. I installed  it pretty quick after that.

I went to home depot to buy the 2x2's and found that have a scratch and dent for drywall. I only paid $5 for each sheet. I think I am pretty good at patching. So I ended up getting one sheet that had just a little skint mark on it.

I priced counter tops, WOW are those expensive. Then I had a great idea. I will just make a country kitchen. Just make it out of the wood that Mrs. M gave me. I drew the plans out on my pad. I made many changes, including on where I was going to put it. But then I figured it out. I decided to put it in the middle of the trailer. That away the table will be up by the windows, then the counter. I wanted a large space. In the past I have had to deal with a really small counter. So I made it 8' long.  I had to run the electricity so I ran two plugs underneath the counter. I didnt want then above. Had bigger plans.

I found a metal tub at Walmart. I went to Lowes and took the tub with me. I went up to an associate and said can you help me. I need plumbing parts for this bucket. The guy looked at me like I had 3 heads. I want to put a drain in this. He walks me to product and said this is what you need, but you will need to get you a boar saw for the hole. I took all my parts home, and ....
I installed it pretty quickly.

I built a frame then added the wood for the top of the counter. I cut a hole for my bucket sink, and sat it down.

There was no plumbing in this Mobile Mansion. So I had to run a line, to my new kitchen. After that was all completed. I just bought a sprayer. It was simple to install. So now I have running water in the mansion.

The shelves on the walls, I made.
I used an 8 foot 2x2, screwed a 1"x3" board on top of it. then I installed it on the wall.  Just the two of them, will hold so much food. No more cabinets, to open and search for what I want. This is out in the open.

I took the two cabinets off the wall and turned them upside down. I add the wood shelf on top and painted it all. I thought it turned out pretty good.

One of my neighbors stops by and said can I see your kitchen. I hear you been building one. I said sure come on in. He asked where is your refrigerator? I said I have this little one. Its a little one. He laughed at me. He said that thing is a joke. He was laughing harder. Then he said come on down by the house, I will give you my old one.  So now I have a real refrigerator.

Then different neighbor gave me this two burner stove. I told you I have great neighbors!!!

I used that counter for a couple of months. I liked it, but hated the sink. I wanted a real one. So I went to Habitat for Humanity store. I found a two sink, stainless steel, sink. Cost was $25. I thought that was fair. It didn't have faucet. So then I went to Lowes and found a cheap one. $17. with a matching sprayer. I was very happy. I am about to install my own sink. Excitement was spewing from me.

I get home and start right off. I measure the sink and then transfer to the counter, I cut it out. I put into the hole thinking I did right the first time. Pftttt I had to recut it 5 times before I got that damn thing in. I put the sink in, and found out that I forgot to get the parts for the drain. I go back to lowes and find the parts myself. I get back home and install the drain. I am so excited. I turn on the water and ....... nothing. Ugh I forgot to turn on the water. I go out and turn it on and walk in, so excited and there was a flood in my kitchen.  I screamed and ran out and shut the water off. I come back in and trace all the lines. Nothing was wrong. I looked and looked. It took me so long, that I ended taking all the connections off and starting over. Time went on. I was getting sleepy. and then I saw it. I forgot to hook up the sprayer up.

I finally got it working. I turn on the cold, it worked, but when I turned on the hot water, I waited and waited and waited. No hot water. I go out and looked at all my connections, every thing was ok. I grab the pipes, they are all hot. I go back inside and turn it on and then the water was just warm then it heated up. I did that for about a week and then went out and shut off the hot water. I just use the cold. I am wasting water trying to get hot water. I am using electricity to heat up the water that I dont get. I just figure its not worth it.

Kitchen is done for now. Moving on to the Living room next.

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