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Friday, February 19, 2016

My NEIGHBORS are something else.

You would think I would say something bad, but the truth is, I have the best neighbors of all time.

My Moblie Manason

One of my neighbors to the west of me, has a child that, well he screams all hours. He screams all day and all night, non stop. I even think he screams in his sleep.

Now that I am working again, I save up all month so that I can go buy a few pieces of lumber and do mini projects. My first project was to remove my windows from my bedroom.  When I sleep, I want it quite, day or night.  Taking the windows out was a job in itself.  The first window took me all day. Whomever installed them, did it wrong. They installed the windows then put up the siding (wood). I had to cut out the wood siding and then take out the window. I had to rebuild the window and cover it up, so that no one could see that it was taken out.

removed window and siding put up

Two O'clock in the morning and I am priming where the window was. I wanted to get it all sealed up and ready for painting. A neighbor came over and we talked for a couple of hours while I was doing this task.

The next morning, I wake up to people talking outside of my Mobile Mansion. I walk out and one hands me a cup of coffee. They all complimented me on the great job I did on my window. They said you can barely see where the window was. I thanked them all.  I said let me go get some clothes on. One of the neighbor said put on painting clothes, I stopped in my track. I said umm what? Another one said yeah, we are all here to help you paint your Mobile Mansion.  I was taken back. I said I cannot pay you all for this. They said we don't care about money. We are just here to help. 5 neighbors shows up, plus me that is 6.

It only took us 3 hours to paint my entire Mobile Mansion. But wow did it make a major change to it. It now looks like a Mobile Mansion.

My Mobile Mansion

Ken stops by while we were putting on the finishing touches, (trim) He said I cannot believe this. Other neighbors stopped by and told me how great it looks. The park owner and the park manager even gave me a compliment on it.

One neighbor stops by and said hey Allen, I have a kitchen table and chairs if you want it. I gladly accepted it. So now in my Mobile Mansion, I have a blow up bed and a kitchen table and chairs. Life is good. :)


Lynda said...

I love the before and after pics - - - huge difference! Your neighbors are probably glad to have someone there who cares about the place. It makes it prettier for them to look at, too. Good neighbors are better than a bag full of gold - - although both are good stuff! We, too, have phenomenal neighbors - - - quiet and helpful.

Allen said...

I have had some bad ones. So happy these are good :)

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