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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two Angels Called Me

This is part two....

I knew I was depressed, I just couldn't figure out how to fix the problem that I was in. Then out of the blue, my (Angel) best friend called me. He lives in California. He asked what was going on and I told him the story. I said I just don't know what to do.

He said move here. He and his partner both agreed to let me move there rent free for a year. I told him let me think about it. He said no problem. They gave me a way out. They actually saved my life. Even though the thought of suicide was never on my mind, but they gave me a hand to get out of my depression. Even though they don't know it. They helped me on so many levels. My mind stopped being depressed and started thinking of how and when I can get there.

The next morning, I got out of bed with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I felt alive again. Its been so long since that has happened.  My friend said we need to clear those trees today. I said no problem, lets go to it.

As we cleared the trees out, one got stuck in the top, we had to pull and pull. it wouldn't budge. We pulled again but this time really hard, it gave way and I tripped on a stump, and fell on my back.  The pain was intense. Pain shooting down my leg, I laid there for sometime, before I could even move. I knew I messed something up bad. I started laughing, and laughing hard. My friend asked why are you laughing? I said I laugh when I am in extreme pain. Crying only makes it worse. Laughing makes it better.  I finally got to my feet. I walked around for a couple of hours. I tried to sit down and relax but the pain said no. Funny that walking felt better than sitting.

When I went to bed that night, I had to lay on my right side, and slowly roll over on to my back. It was very painful. But then it happened, I fell asleep.

The next day, even though I was in great pain, I put a smile on my face and started working like I did every day before. I never knew how much work there was to do on an acre of land.

The week before July 4th. I went to work every day, I never complained that I was in great pain. I just kept smiling and doing what I was told. I very much tried to learn all there was to learn there.

On Friday July 3rd a friend called me and said come on down, I am having a birthday party. I asked if I could stay with him for a couple of nights. He said sure no problem. I go and tell my friend about the party and see if he wanted to go too, since he was both of our friend. He said no, I said ok see you in a few days. I load up my truck and took off. I didn't get to my friends house until early Saturday morning. We hugged and I smiled. He said you know where the bed is, I smiled again and headed to it. It was the first time I slept in a bed in over two months. I slept hard, my friend let me sleep in, I didn't wake up until Saturday evening. He woke me up 30 minutes before the party was going to start.
I get up and go to the bathroom, I walk in and smile. I was excited to use the bathroom. On a real toilet,  not on a 5 gallon bucket. Then I take a slow, HOT shower. my friend kept beating on the door and saying lets go. I said you just don't understand. He said "you can take one when we get back".

After the party was over, we talked about every thing that was going on up in Mayo. He wanted to know every detail. So I spent several hours telling him all about it. We talked we laughed and it felt good. I was a live once again. It helped me to realize that country living is not for me. Or should I say TENT living is not for me.

My friend went to work the next day. He handed me the remote and said have fun. I was just channel surfing. I mean its been over two months since I have watched tv. I was in heaven. As soon as he left, I jumped in the tub and took a long hot bath. I fell asleep, I woke up quickly, when I tried to pull up the covers and splashed cold water on my face.

I decided I would stay a few more nights. I was on vacation. When my friend got home I asked if I could stay longer. He said "WHAT?!??" I knew that was a no. I called another friend that lives further south. I asked if I could spend a couple of nights at his place. He said no problem come on down.

My friend lives in a mobile home park. He asked me what was going on, we talked for a few hours. I excused myself, so that I could make a few phone calls. I called my doctor, got an appointment. I called my dad and talked for ever. I told him about the mandatory vacation.  He said oh so they laid you off. I said yeah they did. Our conversation went well. I called my friend in California and told him what was going on. I was trying to keep everyone in the loop.

I go back inside and he asked me what I was going to do? I said I don't have a clue. I told him I did not want to go back to the tent. He said you can move in with me. I smiled and thanked him, but declined. Its just weird, you would think I would want to live with someone, but the truth is, I still wanted my space. He said I thought you would say that. He said come on, I asked where we was going?  He said to the office. We walk down to the office.

The manager greeted us at the door. He said oh you must be allen? I said yes and you are???  I am David nice to meet you. Have a seat. I said I am sorry but I must stand. Bad back. He said thats fine. We talked for several minutes then he said here is the keys to #211 go take a look at it. I say ok  with a puzzled look on my face. I take off and find the lot. I walk into a gutted trailer, floor rotten, walls that had fallen down, broken windows. It was an old trailer. Needed lots and lots of work. I return to the office. David said  well what do you think? I said well, this is wrong, that is wrong. etc... He said but you can fix it up right? I said yes. Your friend tells me your a handyman? I said yes. He said I will make you a deal.  You pay this months rent, prorated at $125. and I will give you the trailer for free. I said let me think about it. He said no problem.

Just when I thought the thinking had slowed down. Now what do I do. I have been offered a place to live here, fairly cheap.  I go back to my friends place. He calls it his Mobile Manson. I sit in his recliner, sat there for a whole minute, before my back said get UP! I stand back up and pace in his living room. I hate that I cannot sit for long periods at a time.

What to do, oh me oh my, what to do. Two offers and one decisions. I decided to wait and see what the doctor had to say about my back.


Lynda said...

I like how your story has different chapters and we get to keep coming back to read the rest of it! Also glad you are out of the tent in this episode.

Allen said...

Me too Miss Lynda, me too!

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