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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What to do, oh me oh my, what do I do?

Part 3
I went to the Dr. We sat down, well he sat I stood. Doctor asked between 1-10 what is the pain like? I said its a 30 right now. Describe the pain for me?  Well Doctor, I have sharp pain in the middle of my lower back, the pain level there is about 10, but its the pain that is in my hip oh wow that hurts like hell. The pain doesn't stop there, its down my left leg. And to top it all off, I now have no feeling in 1/2 of my foot.  He said you need to get x-rays. He wrote me out a prescription.  Do you have insurance? I said no. He said it will cost you $60 to have this done. He handed me the script. He said I am going to give you two Scripts, one is muscle relaxer, the other is for the nerves.  I thanked him and out the door I went.  I went to wal-green to see how much the scripts was going to cost me. The woman was nice, but what she said next made me sick. Since I have no insurance, I have to pay full price. I figured that, just for my nerve pills its a $1.10 for each pill. 90 pills per month. She went on the muscle relaxers are going to cost you $40. I gasped really loud.  I said thank you and walked out the door.

When I got back to the mobile mansion, my friend wasn't home. But his door was unlocked. I went in and started pacing again. Where am I going to get that kind of money I thought to myself. I started walking faster, then I thought I need more room, so I walked around the neighbor hood. Up one street down the other.  After a couple of hours of walking, I decided to go ahead and pay for the scripts. If it helps stop the pain, maybe I can get a good nights sleep.  I also called and made an appointment for the x-rays.

I go an pick up my scripts. I look at the bottles, both of them said "WARNING: do not drive while taking this medication"  WTF!!! Then I smiled and said you know, maybe these are going to work. Got to be strong shit to have that on the label. I get back to the mobile mansion. My friend asked did you get them? I said yeah, but the warning on the side says I cannot drive. I showed them to him. He said no problem, I can drive you around. I said I cannot ask you to drive me around. He said I would enjoy it. Its really not a problem.  I said ok, I have an appointment tomorrow a noon.

The next day, I go and get my x-rays of my back. The technician said I need you to stand like this, she said higher, no reach higher, the pain was so bad that it made me sick to my stomach. She said now hold that position. She said now relax and stand this way, I did. She tortured me to no end.

The pills started working, I felt well, I felt good, I felt woozy, I felt weird, and I felt goofy all at the same time. My friend told me the first day of taking them that I was acting all crazy. I dont believe him, I think he was making it up. But that is what he said.  The Doctor office called me the next day and said the x-rays are back. I made an appointment for later that same day.

The Doctor said, your L5 is crushing your nerve in your back.  You now need to get an MRI, it only cost $600. I laughed at him and then said I dont have that kind of money. He said for me to save up for it.

We go back to the mobile mansion. I was quite on the way back, cause I heard a penny for your thoughts. I just sat there looking out the window.  I still have to make a decision on where I am going to live.

  • go back and live in the tent and continue to work at the print shop
  • Move to California
  • buy a Mobile Mansion of my own. 
Going back to the Tent was just scary. I wanted so bad to figure out something else.

Move to California, I wanted to do this more than anything!!!

I started looking on how I could get there. Driving was out of the question. From where I am to where they are its 40 hours to drive it. There is no way that I could sit that long, in a vehicle.

Next option, bus, just the thought of being stuck on a bus with a bunch of people that I don't know, for hours and hours.
Next option plane. My friend gave me a website to get cheap fairs. I found one at a good price, but it has two lay overs, all of them had lay overs. I cant sit for more than 10 minutes, even with the pills. and what if there is turbulence? What if it hurts my back more? The G-force on take off or landings. What if I got out there and my back got worse to the point that I couldn't work at all? And if that happens what then? Are my friends going to take care of a broken man?  I am sure they would for awhile, but then I am sure it would get old, and probably quick too. I had tears running down my face. I really wanted to go, but I just don't see how.

I regained my composure. I called my friend in California. I told him that there is no way for me to travel that far right now. I thanked him for the offer. He said no problem. He said if you get better come on out. We will always have a room for you.

My last option to buy my own MOBILE MANSION.

I walk down to the office and see David. I told him that I dont have a job. But I would like to take him up on his offer. He said fill out this application, I handed it back to him. He entered in the computer. A few minutes later, he said ok you are approved.  I handed him a check and he hands me the keys.

My Mobile Mansion


Lynda said...

Looking forward to some 'before and after' photos!

Allen said...

Maybe or maybe not. LOL yeah they are coming Miss Lynda. :)

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