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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Here is my gift to you. I wanted to make something very unique, and this is what I came up with.

I call it "Blooming".

I tried every thing I know to give you the embed code for "Blooming". Blogger reads the embed code and puts another picture in. So the only way I know how to get this to you, is to email it to you. So if you would like the embed code for "Blooming", then leave me a comment that you want the code. I will email it to you then.


Thanks Again,


Beth said...

That is so pretty, Allen! Thank you for thinking of me and all of us readers. {{hugs}}

Rae said...

That is beautiful Allen. Thanks.

Allen said...

@ Beth, You are welcome.

@ Rae, You are welcome.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Allen. So kind and thoughtful. And far more clever than I could be!

Allen said...

@ Howard, you know its Johns Fault. hehe. He is the one that gave me a challenge that, well turned out pretty good, huh?

Lynda said...

Allen - - that is beautiful! What a wonderful way to start my day. You are so creative with your computer pictures. You would have great fun working with our computer volunteer in our church library. He LOVES thinking of something and making the computer do it. He, his wife, and friends run an elaborate haunted house every Halloween month and give the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. It has computer activated motion "things" in each room - - - like people rising out of caskets, etc.
- - - And I jump from beautiful roses to dead people in a thank you note. Oh, my! Anyway, hope your day has beauty as you have given beauty to mine!

Allen said...


You are welcome, and the haunted house sounds really cool!

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