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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Old Man Winter

It's just to soon for Old Man Winter to be showing his ugly head our way. Wednesday Oct. 25 its not going to get of the 60's all damn day.

I start shaking at 72 degrees. Can you imagine me trying to work in this weather? I work in trailers that has no electric. So no way to heat the thing. I can handle up to 100 degrees, but not this. This will be very trying.

I have already pulled out all the heaters for the house and went and bought myself a fireplace heater. I had a fireplace growing up and just loved the cracking sound it made and it kept me nice and toasty.

I hope this works as well as one  a friend has. His will heat you out of a room easy.

A short video I made of it. 😊


Stratis said...

Yup I have my heaters ready. My Lasko Infrared Quartz space heater has knocked the socks off of every other Infrared Quartz heater I've experienced (and of course kicks the sweet bejeezus out of any ceramic).

I hope my 3900BTU heater downstairs and my Lasko upstairs will do the trick.

Allen said...

I really hope we dont freeze :) Stratis

gunardi said...

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