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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Removing a hallway door

This is a fairly easy project. It better to have two people when doing this.

Tools needed:

1. Screw Driver
2. Hammer

Back in the early 1950's. The houses were often built with doors on every opening. Today that is not the case. And most find them in the way more than useful.

Stand on the side of the door that you can see the hinges, close the door.
Start with the bottom hinge, take your screw drive and place it just below the lip of the pin, and then take your hammer and tap the screw driver, you want to hit the pin so that it comes out. Once the pin is out, do the same for the others.

When all the pins are removed, open the door, but remember the door is not being held up by the pins and will fall. Remove the door (having some one help you) and then take your screw driver and take out the screws that are holding the hinges on.

Put the hinges back together, with the pins.

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