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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Haunted House and Haunted Yard

This is an unusual article. I was taking pictures for some other articles and when I went to crop them and get them ready for the site, I found a few things interesting, such as all the pictures that I took in the house had no orbs, but one picture showed a ghost in a sign. When I went to the breezeway there was at least 4 orbs on the ping pong table. I went outside and took pictures of the trees and there were more orbs. I didn't see these until I got back to my computer.

I do believe in ghost and things that we can not see. Who knows what walks this earth with us.

I have posted the pictures so that you can see them too. I put red circles around all the orbs or lights that was out of place.

The picture of the ghost, you can see plain as day. Its funny because, you can only see this at certain times of the night. It doesn't always show up.

I made this video as well check it out and let me know what you think.

In the 4th picture in the bottom circle, there is a strange light, its bright and its oddly shaped. Instead of being round its long. There are no lights in this part of the picture, the camera was pointed up in the tree, I was trying to take pictures that were different. To my surprise, all these were different. If I catch anymore of these orbs, I will post a new article on it.

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