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Friday, May 9, 2008

Removing Texture

Removing Texture off of walls. I don't know if it was popular some years back, but its not good for re-painting. The house that I currently live in, had two textured walls in the living room, we decided to remove it and make the wall flat again.

My advice on this is to tear out the old walls and replace them with new drywall.

We honestly thought that just removing it would be the cheapest route for us. Since we had the time, we used a belt sander, but it has a few downfalls, the dust gets everywhere and you use a ton of belts.
It took three of us, two weeks, working day and night, to remove it off of two walls. I am happy that it wasn't on all four walls. We put up plastic to cover the open doors, towels in front of all the doors that could close. Covered the floor with plastic. We did wear face mask, and safety goggles. But, even with all this protection, the dust still made it to the rest of the house. I dusted every day for a month before it was all gone, cleaned the furnace filter every day as well.

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