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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Replace a Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat is a pretty simple project, and only takes about 10 minutes if you are prepared.

Tools needed for this project:

1. screw driver
2. pliers

To remove the old seat, find the screws there will be two of them. So newer toilet seats has plastic covers over the screws. Just pop the tops up on them to revile the screws. Once you cans see the screws, feel under the toilet and find the nut. The nut is normally plastic. Take your pliers and adjust them to the nut. Hold the nut in place with pliers, while using the screw driver to unscrew the screw.

Once both screws are out, then pull the seat in a upward motion.

Then place the new unwrapped seat in place, line up the holes and put the new screws in. Put the new nuts in and tighten it down. You want them snug not super tight. If you get them to tight it will be hard to remove it later or you can crack the toilet seat.

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