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Friday, May 2, 2008

Saving Energy One light at a Time

I have found a way to save energy and money at the same time.
When I was in Sams Club, I walked down the lighting isle. I found something interesting. Sylvania now has a 3 in one LED night light.
1. a single LED light at the top of the light, for the night light.
2. automatic sensor (turns light on at night and off during the day.)
3. Built in LED Flashlight with rechargeable batteries.
4. Emergency lighting (power failure)

I have to say I am well pleased with this product. It works just as they say it does. Just plug it in and put the switch on auto. That was easy.

I bought 3 sets of 3 for $19.99 each set. The watts used is 0.8w.

They truly light up my home, I have one in the bathroom, one in the garage, one in the patio, one in the kitchen, three in the living room. My next purchase is going to be an LED light for my bedrooms.

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