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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marchand Paris, France Binoculars Opera Glasses Found in A.C.'s House

I went again to visit A.C. While I was there she showed me her binoculars. It really caught my eye, how beautiful it was. I noticed that it is old, I would say back from the 1920's era. I took picture of it and did some research. The only thing that I could find out about it, it was used to see the opera. (Opera Glasses)

Looking at it closely, I discovered it has pearl inlays, with a copper body. It was crafted very well, to last all these years. I had to pick it up and play with it for sometime. It still works after all these years. I was surprised how light weight it was.

As you can see in the picture, the pearl inlay is cracked, and it has a small dent in the end of it.

Its amazing to me all the history that is in A.C.'s house. She showed me old pictures of her mother, and to me she looked like a movie star.

It was yet another great find.

Hope you had a great Tuesday.

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