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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Experience at Toco Bell Store#001715 Beech Grove, IN

Well first off it was not a good experience. We was there at 1:36 pm today. I ordered a Mexican Pizza and two Bean Burritos. Then I looked at the menu, and saw the number 5 was a Mexican pizza with two hard taco's for $5.69.

Then I asked the girl can I just exchange the hard tacos for the bean burritos? She called the manager up, a young man in his early 20's, a thin build, blond hair and a cocky mouth. He said absoulutly not, cocking his head and waving his hand no.
He is not good with customer communication. As a matter of fact he was down right rude. It wasn't the fact that it couldn't be done, but it was his attitude. If he would have said sorry but no. Then I would have totally understood.

Another girl handed me my food, and I asked the girl at the counter for my cup. She said I had to wait until she was done taking the orders. I thought that was strange. I stood there for a few minutes. She then grabbed my cup and put another cup into mine, which is unsanitary. I don't know where her hands have been. Other than touching cash money, which we all know is nasty, and full of germs. She turns her back with out saying a word and gets ice for all the cups. She comes back with the cups and hands them to us. By the time I sat down and started eating, my pizza was only warm.

My friend Q that was with me, her burrito had the side torn open, she needed a knife. When I went to ask for one they said no we don't have any. They used to carry them. The only thing that they had was sporks. If sporks are it, then they need to carry the ones that has the little knifes on them.

The thing is, we all total spent over $18.00 there, and with gas prices over 4.19 a gallon that is like $22.00. I told my friends we could have went to Red Lobster and gotten better food and service.

Ok I am done venting.

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