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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Working in the garden and got a surprise when I went to the house.

This was an intresting day. I went to the garden to pull weeds and clean it up a bit. I try to go out every day and clean, hoe and pull up stuff. Weeds grow more quickly than anything I have ever seen.

I was done, tired, sweaty, thirsty, exhausted, so off to the house I went, not thinking about much, I grabbed the door handle and twisted it thing it will open. My face hit the door. It was locked! I did not lock it on the way out.

Both of my room mates were gone. I thought oh no this is not going to be good. I spent over 3 hours waiting on one of the room mates to get home. I sat in the car in the garage, I sat on the porch, I laid on the floor, I walked to Q's house, but, she wasn't home.

When my room mate got home I asked him about the door, and he said oh I thought you was in your room. As he chuckled under his breath.

It taught me a good lesson, never ever leave the house without my keys.

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