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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yet Another Storm - this one was bad.

A.C. Stopped by and asked if I would go to her house and help her out. I agreed and we headed for her house. One the way I saw a field that was covered in water, it looked like a huge lake. As we went on, I saw a pontoon boat, out on what looked like a lake, but was sitting in a field. The trailer was still attached to it.

When we got to A.C.'s house her basement was flooded, there was at least 7" of water down there. The drains in her house was slow moving, I assume it was from all the water running down the street drains.

Tomorrow I am going to check on my garden and check to see if there is any other type of damage.

This has been one of those days. =o(
p.s. I chipped a tooth today too.

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