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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lost - 2nd Season

I dont know if any of you have ever watched this show. I am sure its on T.V. somewhere. Since I dont own a T.V. then I had no clue it was there.

I was surfing the internet for something to watch, and I saw it on youtube. I searched for the old lost - I think the land of the lost.

I was glued to youtube for over a week watching as much of it as I could. Then it happened. There was no more videos of it. Nothing at all. I went to the local library and found the second season.

The second season had 6 dvd's. Again I was glued to the show. Now I am ready for season 3.

The plot of it was incredible. There were a couple of scenes, that Hurly said "I didnt see that coming". I really like Jack, hes alright. The others are nuts. And I cannot believe that Michael did that to his new friends. But if I was in his shoes I guess I might have done the same. Locke is weird - I dont think in real life that we would be friends. He seems to act a bit pushy for my taste. Rose and Benard are sweet. I cryed when they met each other again. Syed is hot. Wow what a man.

Anyways have a great day everyone.

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