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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I built my back door to my breezeway.

I built my back door to my breezeway. I built the door in 1 day. but the rest of it took a week.

When I built the door, I wanted it to look good, but I wanted it stronger. The last door was made out a sheet of plywood. and 1" x 4" boards, as the frame. That was it. Nothing else.

What I did, was to take a single sheet of plywood, and built a frame around that. Flipped it over and built a frame around it, except I did it up side down as I did on the front. I didnt want any "joined" wood to be in the same place.

I used 1" x 8" x 4' pine boards that I recycled from a shelves. Cut them all to the exact size I needed. And started building.

What I found was a complete mess. The side next to the screen was sticking out 2" further than the one next to the block wall. So when I hung the door, it wouldn't close properly.

What I did was built up that side using 2 - 2"x4" boards.
When the door hung properly, I looked at it for a bit, and said to myself, I can spruce this up using the rest of the boards. And that is what I did.

I painted the outside, and stained the inside. When all was said and done. It looked great.

Some of my friends has seen it, and they all said wow, you did this?

That made me feel good!

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