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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am GAY - Queer - Homosexual

The main reason for this post, is just to get it out in the open. Open for the entire world to see.
My family knows, and my friends know. Now you know too.
A cousin of Q told her that he is the one that told my father that I was gay. Funny, I told him over 9 years ago in Florida.

I am saying all this, because I think I have found the one.

Yes the one. The one for me. I have been told in the past that if I would just quit looking he would show up one day and sweep me off my feet.

Well that day came back in mid September. I met him online, you know go to the site, check things out, get board, and sign off. I had truly given up on finding him. I was just board and decided to sign on that site. It wasn't even 5 minuets after I signed on that I had a new message. I thought to myself, another spam message. But that was just not the case. We chatted on this site for a little over a month. After that time period, I thought, well it would not hurt just to meet him. I set up a date, simple one, we met at Ponderosa for lunch. We hit it off.

I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He makes me so happy. He is every thing that I thought a guy should be. He has muscles, he has that V look to him. He acts straight. He's my height and green/blue eyes, dark red hair.

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