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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gay Terms

Here are a few of the "Gay Terms" that I have learned over the years. I plan on adding more to this list.

  1. Bisexual - Likes to have sex with men or women.
  2. Bareback - Having sex with out the use of a condom.
  3. Butch - A man who has strong male behavior.
  4. Chicken - A young man that has boyish characteristics.
  5. Chicken Hawk - A older man that likes Chicken.
  1. Closet - The one place that all gays hide.
  2. Out of the Closet - Not hiding the fact that you are gay.
  3. Cruise - To look for someone who is looking for sex.
  4. Baggage - One who has way to many irons in the fire.
  5. Drama - One who likes to be in the center of every ones life.
  6. Drag - One who likes to dress in women clothes.
  7. Drag-Queen - One who dresses like a woman and performs in public.
  8. Fag-Hag - Used to be the term for a St8 girl that all ways hangs around you.
  9. Princess - The term that I use for my st8 girlfriends.
  10. Friend of Dorothy - A code for gays. If you are on a Cruise Ship - go ask the Cruise Director if they have Friend of Dorothy.
  11. Gay - Homosexual
  12. Gay Friendly - A person or place you can go and feel somewhat safe.
  13. Gay Bashing - To verbally or physically attack a person because they are gay.
  14. Gaydar - When you know that a person is gay before they tell you.
  15. Fag(got) - Accusing one for being gay.
  16. Homophobic - One that is afraid of gays.
This list could go on and on. I will add more to it later

1 comment:

Social Disaster said...

I have one to add. I was told I was a butch queen the other day. A butch queen is someone who's sexual orientation is not obvious when meeting them they have a adroginous genger expression. There are so many gay tems out there.

~Merry Christmas!

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