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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Love - How

I told a friend that I loved him. He looked at me and asked How? I just stood there. I could not even give him an answer.

So here is my answer.

My love for him is deeper than any love I have ever felt for anyone in my life. So how do I explain that. How do you explain a feeling.

  • I often want a moment in time with him. Just to look at him. He is so adorable.
  • He takes my breath away when I see him.
  • I like how intelligent he is.
  • His smile makes me smile.
  • I like how he slaps his knee when he laughs.
  • His height and weight are perfect.
  • I like how his brown eyes glow in the sun.
  • I enjoy our conversations.
  • He looks good all the time.
  • His 5 o'clock shadow is hot.
  • He is someone that I look up too.
  • He is my Hero.
  • He makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • I like it when he is serious.
  • I want to hug him and hold him in my arms for hours.
  • I would do anything for him.
  • If my heart was the only thing that would save his life, I would give him mine.

I honestly don't think I will ever love anyone like I love him.

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