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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vacation to the Grand Canyon Arizona

The vacation to Arizona was quite a trip. I went with a group, and we landed in Phoenix in the mid 1990's. The temperature was 115 degrees and was expected to get up to 120 degrees. I thought I landed in Heaven. I was happy until we got on the bus. It was freezing. I am an extremely cold natured person. The heat there is totally different than anywhere else I have visited. It was dry, living most of my life in Indiana its normally humid.

While we were in Flagstaff, we visited Riordan Mansion State Historical Park. The mansion was built back in 1904, it was two, two stories, houses connected with a pool room. This Mansion was unbelievable. The houses was a mirror of each other. They only took us into one of the houses, because, the other was still occupied.

When we first walked in, I was completely surprised how much cooler it was in the house. The tour guide said that it has no air conditioning, and no windows were open. She said that its the way they built the house. There was a large window in the celling, that allowed the heat to rise up into the attic.

They walked us through the kitchen to show us the hot water heater. It was heated by wood. The house had running water, and electricity. We then headed to the upstairs to see some of the bed rooms, they were larger than any bedroom that I owned at the time. They even showed us the bathroom, with a large tub, sink, and toilet.
My grandmother was born in 1908 and she told me when she was little, they used to take baths in a tub, you know the old metal ones. But yet in 1904 these folks had running water.

When we were done upstairs, they took us down to the pool room, that is what connected the two homes together. This room was a very large room, with a high celling, a huge fireplace and very unique windows, the windows was made out of a transparency picture made on glass. I have never seen anything like that in my life. I thought it was extremely cool. Then the tour guide then took us out by the garage, and told us about the cars these owners had.

The trip was only to take place in Flagstaff, but it was a great surprise when they took us to the Grand Canyon. I can honestly say I have never in my life seen so much beauty.
I posted pictures above for you to see the beauty.

I am so glad that I took this trip. It was a truly a great vacation.

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