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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Birthday Party - Talbott Street

On Jan.09, friends asked me where I would like to go. It had been such a long time since I had been out, that I automatically said Talbott Street Bar.

Talbott Street Bar has 3 bars in one. Show bar, Dance Floor Bar, and The Sky Bar. I thought that would have been the best place to go on a Friday night, we can see the shows and dance or just go to the lounge.

Jan 09, at 10pm, we enter the bar doors, you can hear the bass kicking it. ::::Thump::::, :::Thump:::, I was excited. When we entered the bar, something was wrong, part of the stage was on the dance floor, and tables full of people were everywhere. We all looked at each other, I was like WTF?!? To say the least I was not a happy camper. The sky bar was closed, the show room was closed and the dance floor was full of tables. I looked at everyone, and said well, we are here, to the BAR. Once we had drinks in hand, we walked over to the crowed standing room only section of the stage. I looked at all the people that was watching the show. I leaned over to a L.G. and said "it looks like a straight convention in here" he agreed with me. The math nuts that was with us said, it was a 3 to 1 ratio. 3 women to every man in there. >< href="">Alana Steele
Asia LaBouche
Vicki St. James

With a guest Star of Lawanda Jackson

The show was excellent. My birthday party was great. My coat was the only downfall of the entire night.

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