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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Indoor Garden - Update

On October 27th, I had an idea that I would start my indoor garden.

A simple project, take a 2 liter bottle, make a self watering planter out of it, add soil, and plant some seeds. I did that.

Next I had to figure out how to give them light since we were in the start of winter. I knew the sun would only shine a couple days a week. What I ended up doing was going to Home Depot and buying 4 clamp lights. I also bought 4 pack of daylight florescent bulbs. Then I stopped by Staples and bought 4 foam boards.

When I got back home I made my self a box out of the foam board. I then took aluminum foil and lined the inside of the box with it. I put my 2 liter planters inside it, and clamped all the lights around the top facing down.

The 2 liter self watering planter worked extremely well. By November 9, 2008 my plants had grown. Every seed that I planted grew. I had way to many plants, I didn't want just to throw them out. So when Christmas rolled around, I had enough plants to give each of my friends a present for Christmas.

I transplanted my tomato plants from the 2 liter planters to coffee cans self watering planters. Oh yes, I figured if it worked in a 2 liter, then a coffee can and a juice bottle would work too. And it does. I then had to figure out where I was going to put them and figure out how to work the lighting for it.

I ended up putting them on the floor, with the stands that I had built. I put the between two dressers, lined all of it with aluminum foil, like I did with the box. The plants are now a little over 2 feet tall. I now have 3 tomato plants, 2 cantaloupe plants, and one flower.

I will update you again next month.
Have a good day,


manoj said...

Cool! Good blog! I'll mention it in my next blogpost and it'll turn up on my new blogroll.
SO pretty! you have a gorgeous blog!!!!

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Allen said...

@ manoj, thanks

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