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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm Warning

I woke up this afternoon to snow on the ground and its continued to snow. Its been snowing for a couple of days now. I read on a weather blog that there has been 9 inches so far.

The picture shows the large front. Its a google map.

I also took this video of it snowing. I plan on taking a new one later today. Just to show how much has fallen.


John said...

...tell me about it! I'm sick of snow, it finally quit early this morning after 3 days straight. Luckily we didn't get as much as you! You might miss (nah, I doubt it) the snow, if you move to Florida!

Allen said...

You are correct, I would not miss the snow. I plan on moving to a warmer state. Don't think it will be Florida though.


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