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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Christians Say - "It Was Your Choice To Be Gay"

"It Was Your Choice To Be Gay"

This statement from the Christians is just plain stupid. This shows how small minded they really are.

So if I chose to be gay then ...

I wanted to be laughed at in school?
I wanted to be the joke they were telling?
I wanted to be called names?
I wanted to be harassed?
I wanted to tell my parents I was Gay?
I wanted to be depressed?
I wanted to be cussed at?
I wanted to be talked about?
I wanted to be scared?
I wanted to listen to them?
...tell me not to back someone up cause he was gay.
...ask me if I liked the boobs on that girl.

I wanted to be embarrassed?
...when a good friend of the family told me that a police officer told him that I was gay.
I wanted to have my life threatened?
I wanted to hear.....
Pastor Maxie: You cannot come to this church anymore.
Me: Why Not?
Pastor Maxie: Because you are gay.
I wanted my dad to call me the same day.....
Dad: What did you do at Landmark?
Me: Went to church.
Dad: Brother Maxie just called. Said you and ?? were holding hands, hugging, and putting your arm around him.
Me: What!?!
I wanted to be lied about?
I wanted to have people stare at me?
I wanted to have to look over my shoulder all the time?
I wanted to have two sets of friends?
I wanted to loose 90% of my straight friends?
...when I came out of the closet.
I wanted to loose my first love to suicide?
I wanted to be in pain?
I wanted to cry for no reason?

I did not choose to be gay. I was born this way. No one in their right mind would choose to be gay and go through all this. This is the way I was made. It is no ones fault. I am me and I am unique!

So my question to the "christian" is:

1. Did you choose to be straight?
* if you answered no, then how did you come up with this statement "It was your choice to be gay"? Where are your facts?


John said...

Very well said! Might I add, we are ALL God's children.

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking....again, I never thought about how you must have felt or the pain and suffering that you must have went through. I have always enjoyed your friendship and your wonderful smile! I think you are awesome. I'm glad you finally are living your life openly and finding happiness. We all deserve love and happiness.

Allen said...

@ John - I agree

@ Becky - Thanks for those kind words. That means a lot to me.


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