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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law seems to be in our family. What should take 10 minutes to do, will take my family 45 minutes to do. etc.

The other day, I decided to clean out my computer, the inside of it. I took off the side panel, looked inside and thought what a mess. I mean there was cat hair, and an inch of dust all over everything.

I went and bought a can of dust remover for computers. I sprayed it all over everything. I was covered in dust. I took out the screwdriver which was not a magnetic screwdriver. I was told that it will fry your mother board. I unscrewed the power supply from the back so that I could take it apart, I opened it up and sprayed it out too, it was worse than the computer itself. I took a q-tip and cleaned out the fan blades. Then I got the bright idea to use just a little bit of machine oil on the fan shaft. I used less than a drop on it. I put everything back together and reattached with the screws.

It worked great for a day. I ended up frying the power supply. My computer died, it didnt crash it flat out died. I searched the house for an extra power supply. I found it, an old one that might work. I put it in and it worked for 3 hours before it died.

I was so sad, a new computer is what I had to buy now, I don't have a job and money is tight. So what can I do. I went to a friend that is a computer (geek), I told her what was going on, and she said no problem. She said go to and buy a new power supply for it. $16.50 for a better one than I had. I opted for the 3 day select. I ordered it on Sunday morning (Easter). I thought that a good time to watch for it would be Wednesday or Thursday. By Friday I would have been a bit upset.

To my surprise, it showed up today. Its Tuesday. I am extremely happy with 3B Tech.

If you need anything to do with computer please go and check them out. I am sure you will be as happy with them as I was.

Have a great day everyone,

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