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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trying something new

A friend suggested that I post everything on that I want to sell. The service is free, its free to post, I thought why not, its free.

I set up a new email address, so that I can keep all the emails separated, I tend to get a lot of emails. I actually have several email accounts. Some of them have over 300 emails in them. I try to clean it out every month. Mostly spam messages.

After posting to, I almost immediately starting getting emails. Its spam mail. I thought wow that was quick. I have though had a few interested potintial buyers. No one has actually shown up to buy.

I will keep ya posted on this. I hope that I can sell everything before I have to move. If craigslist doesnt help then I am going to have a nice yard sell.

I am working pt agian for a friend that has apartment buildings. I do maintenence for him, and I actually enjoy working for him.

Have a good week all

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