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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Y and I Factor

The Y Factor is really something that just hit me. A friend I was talking about dating. Finding the right guy.

I am attracted to skinny, short, dark haired guys, that are between the ages of 20 and 35.

Age really did not matter for a few years, until I found a pattern, it seems as though guys that are over 35 are so stuck in their ways its not even funny. They don't even want to try new and interesting things. Work, Eat, and Sleep is not what I call a fun time. If you have a relationship with them, they want you to move in with them, in their home. But when you try to tell them that "we" should move into our own home, they come unglued at the seems. In a true relationship its our stuff, not his stuff and my stuff. Our home, our dog or cat, our bills, our cars.

I went on this date, the guy was not in my age range, nor was he skinny, but I thought hey I will give it a try. He takes me to a gay restaurant which was fine, with in 10 minuets of us sitting down his eyes was surfing the room. He was looking at a guy, with the "I want him bad" look. I was talking at the time, but I really don't think he was actually listening to me. So I figured I would do what I normally do in that situation and I dropped the spoon on the table, so that I could get his attention. He looks at the table first and then at me, I simply said this date is over. I wasn't mean about it, I was being honest with him. I cannot date anyone that looks at others in the "I want him bad" look. It makes me feel inadequate.

Here is where the Y factor comes in.

Y - ask me out, if you are going to look at others?
Y - did I think it would work out?
Y - am I here?
Y - are some jerks?
Y - do I have to explain what you did wrong?
Y - did you lie to me?
Y - did you make me feel bad?
Y - don't you leave me alone?

The I factor is so much nicer. Its simple really.

I - really like this guy.
I - think he has beautiful eyes.
I - am enjoying this.
I - can not wait until the next date.
I - am happy.
I - want to be around him all the time.
I - want us to grow old together.
I - am excited when he calls.
I - want to learn everything about him.
I - don't want this to end.

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