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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day With A.C.

Every time I pass this house, I am amazed, its huge and it looks like a mansion.
I was planing on taking lots of pictures, but I only got a couple of them to share with you.

When I arrived at A.C.'s house, she was waiting on me, she said lets go get some breakfast. I said that sounds good to me. We went to Denny's, it was pretty yummy. I had the moon over my hammy. While we ate we talked about our weeks and things that was going on in our lives.

When we got back to her house, I had to show her my site and how many readers I had, and she saw my new widget. Its the world, and it show where all my visitors are from around the world.
She said that is was really cool and she would like to put it on her page. I helped her with it, and she applied it to her site.

After we were done with that she colored my hair, I wanted my blond hair to be frosted, I bought the stuff and she did it for me. The funny thing is, I had been home for over 3 hours, and not one of my room mates said anything about my hair. ugh

(I look awful in this picture)

When she was all done with it, I went to take some pictures outside, but it was sprinkling. I quickly went to the garage and got out the push mower. I mowed her yard in record time. Once the mower was in the garage, Q was home. I spent about an hour catching up with her.

Driving back home I was watching the clouds, I saw this which I thought was very cool. The clouds was dark except this huge circle in the middle.

It was clear only in that circle area, the sun was shinning through.

It almost looks like a ufo beaming something up. hehe

When I first got to A.C.'s house, Lila met me at the door and was just talking to me, I thought it would be cool to post it here.

Thanks again for a wonderful time A.C. !


Anonymous said...

Hey luv,
Sorry it took me so long to get back here and get caught up. Hope your foot is better. How's the hair? Did the roomies even notice? lol Lila is so great with you, that add is too cute. Think we can make an internet star out of her.
I posted a blog of my own after you left last week. AND>>>>>>>>>>I have a new tatto ; ) so stop by and see it at
Luv ya darling
hope to see you again soon you sexy thing.

Allen said...

@A.C. is this the link to your blog?
A.C.'s blog

I am glad to hear all is ok with you. I cant wait to see the new tat. Was thinking about getting a small one. I've wanted one for a long time.

Love ya girl!

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