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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing with Pictures

I really don't like personal pictures of myself. I take a bunch of them and then weed them out one by one. This picture I thought looked good. So I was looking at it and thought how can I make myself stand out more from the picture. So I started playing, copied the picture, then I embossed one of them, I then took my picture and cropped out me, and pasted it into the embossed picture. Well as time went on, I made a mess of things. Like I thought how I would look with Rainbow hair. (A.C. suggested it) As you can see in the picture below, I look ugly with rainbow hair.

As you can see below, my picture of myself stands out all right, but I think its more of my rainbow hair more than anything. You can click on it to see the largest view. I would not advise it though. Unless you are going to print it off and put it into your garden. hehe


Rae said...

It is fun to play around with photos. Digital photography and software have sure changed things. It has become a big hobby.

You have fantastic blonde hair. Some people would pay a fortune to have their hair that color. Looks great- definitely better without a rainbow.

Beth said...

Haha! I agree, I don't think I'd be doing a rainbow dye job anytime soon. :) I love playing with editing software, too. It's amazing what effects you can achieve!

Unknown said...

Nobody looks good with rainbow hair, nobody. And playing with pictures can be fun, I have been able to lose hours in front of the computer doing just that.

Allen said...

@ Rae, I don't think I will ever have rainbow hair. You know I never knew how much maintenance there is with long hair.

@ Beth, I love playing with pictures too. Its normally not that bad, I guess it just because its a picture of my self.

@ Howard, I have spent many many hours playing with pictures, I have made some really cool looking ones. I wish I still had them though, my second hard drive crashed that had them all. =o(

Thanks again for all the comments!

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