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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Question for the Ladies

I am sure by now everyone has seen this under my "about me".
I have set a new goal in life. Its a rather large goal. I will not cut my hair until I have made one million dollars.

Well I have not made my million dollars, so my hair is getting rather long. I am not sure what to do about it. I need your help.

  1. I need a way to keep it out of my face. My hair is super thin. Some have suggested gels and sprays, but I really dont like sprays and gels make my hair look like its wet or greasy. I dont like either of those.
  2. How should I dry it, I know as a guy with short hair, a towel would work, but now that its long, I have been told that a towel will damage my hair. Is this true?
  3. What kind of styling do you think would look good on me? I have tried to part it on one side like I did when it was short, but to me it looks dumb.
  4. Are there any products that I should stay away from or should use. One person suggest a long time ago, that using horse shampoo is the best thing on the market. But I have no clue.
  5. How often should I wash it? Will it damage it if I wash it to much?
  6. How do I keep from getting tangles? I am so sore from it. I found that a comb, doesn't work well. I had to buy a brush.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated,



Rae said...

I use to have long hair and mine is very fine and thin also -that means you have to wash it everyday. No it won't damage it. Use a shampoo for fine hair that doesn't have too much drying effect. You should use a conditioner too but only every few days because it weighs fine hair down if used too often. Personally I think the cheaper brands of shampoo and conditioner are just as good as the higher priced ones.

Allen, go get you one of those combs with wide teeth to comb out your hair when it is wet. It will get the tangles out much better. Brushes damage wet hair. I have never heard that towel drying damages your hair unless you are rubbing it so much that you are causing tangles. I patted my hair dry and combed it out while it was still pretty wet and let it air dry.

I can't help with the hairstyle. I kept mine pulled back to decrease the tangles. Good Luck and I hope you make a million soon so you can avoid further problems.

f8hasit said...

It might be in your best interest to go see a hairdresser to get you on the right track whilst youi let your hair grow until your million dollar mark!

It's all about using the right product for your hair type. Anything else is useless.

Good luck to you!

Beth said...

I have long hair, and it is thin and fine. The first commenter is right--get a comb with wide teeth. Brushes will break your hair. I wash it every day, and it doesn't really damage it. As I've gotten older, my hair and scalp has gotten drier, so I use fairly moisturizing conditioner (the Suave version of Nexxus Humectant is my fave), but it depends on your hair type. You might need something lighter. (I've always liked Aussie products, too.) As for keeping it out of your face, I always wear my hair up in the summer--I can't stand it on my neck!--either in a pony tail, or twisted up in a clip. You could either put all of your hair in a pony tail, or just pull back the front part and put it in a tail. If it gets really long, you could braid it like Willie Nelson! Oh, and I let my hair air dry. It's so fine it doesn't take long, and blowdrying is really hard on thin, fine hair. THAT will damage it.

Leave a Legacy said...

I would follow Rae's advice. She's correct about it all. If I had long hair I would be pulling it back in a pony tail, especially on hot summer days. Besides, I thinks guys with long hair look kind of sexy with it pulled back.

Lynda said...

Yup, we all agree with Rae. Great advice. Even though you aren't going to cut it, consider having a professional trim it on a regular basis - - every 2-3 months. It will look much better and get rid of split ends. Trimming hair makes it look thicker, too. Another thing you can do is buy a spray-in detangler which is just a light conditioner. It works great in the morning when your hair tangles during sleep. Also, start combing at the bottom, Work up a little at a time. Tangles usually begin when you comb immediately from the top down - - - and comb it in the shower when you still have the conditioner in your hair. That is super easy. Then when you rinse, let the water just run through your hair without scrubbing any more.

Allen said...

Thank you all for the great comments on this subject. I knew someone would know. =o)

@ Rae, The comb is on my shopping list. thanks

@ f8hasit, I need to do that. Thanks. P.s. I really enjoyed your last post, about working in a fish bowl.

@ Beth, I have tried to wear my hair up in a pony tail, but the rubber ban always pulls my hair out. I am guessing there are better products for my hair.

@ Grandma Nina, I think you are right.

@ misslynda, I have been pondering the idea of getting it trimmed. I do have split ends, I saw some the other day. I thought, now I know what they are talking about. hehe

Thanks again for all the comments. I do appricate it.

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