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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Re-size a Video

I have been to some blog sites that have videos posted that over laps the side bar. I know it looks ok in the preview area, but when you publish the post its not sized properly. This video below is sized wrong just to prove my point. You can see how it over laps my side bar, you cannot see what is under it.

(this is a video of my feet, don't laugh, it has gotten 1,645 views)

What can I do about this to fix the problem you ask. There are a couple of options.

One you can go to the video source. Mine is from YouTube. YouTube has this really cool feature, that allows you to re-size, and add a color boarder to it. All you do is to click on the embed code and a window shows up for you to make your changes. Its really simple.

The second way is to change the code. All you do is change the width numbers in the code.
You will have to change both numbers, and they both have to be the same numbers. If you make a mistake, it will not work.

Have a great day,


DJan said...

This is really useful information, Allen. Thanks for it, and for taking the time to make it easy to do! I suspect I can also do this by using the HTML editing feature on blogger? Have you tried it?

Allen said...

@ DJan, Yes I believe you can.

Beth said...

As far as I know, the videos I put up look okay. If they aren't, I hope someone tells me! Good info.

Rae said...

Great information. Now help me with aomething else. How do I post a video out of my camera using blogger rather than you tube?

Allen said...

@ Beth, If I see that yours is off, I will tell you. =o)

@ Rae, If the video is going into your blog post, then click on the little film icon. It will bring up a place for you to upload a video. I hope this helps. If not let me know.

Thanks for the comments!

Mama's Boy said...

Thanks a lot for this info

Allen said...

@ Andre, thanks for following. and the comment.

John said...

Thanks Allen! I see I have posted many videos that were really too wide! I am going to watch that from now on and try to correct some of my older youtube video posts!

Allen said...

@ John, I hope that it helps. I have seen many videos posted this way and had to try to help out.

Thanks again for all the great comments.

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