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Friday, September 25, 2009

ABF Cube Is Here

The cube arrived at 10am. Steve was the driver that dropped the Cube off. He was super nice and very professional. Steve said don't let the size fool you, you can pack 2 rooms full of stuff in this Cube.

I would say its time to pack it, but there is a storm on its way. Steve said he drove through it on the way to my home. Packing the Cube will start tomorrow.

Kieth said he is going to help us pack it.



Larry Ohio said...

It sure looks small. 4' x 4' it looks like. Make sure something on the inside has your name, address, and phone in case ABF loses the cube. That way they can identify your stuff eventually. The cube has a unique identifier on it somewhere. Make sure you write it down.

Anonymous said...

Take a picture once it is full. I think if you packed everything well you could get a lot of stuff in there. I'm very curious to hear how everything turns out. Just incase I move cross country any time soon!

Unknown said...

Might take a bit of planning, but you could pack a bunch of crap in there! I used to pack so well - moving too much before - but don't think I wanna do it anytime soon.

Lynda said...

The cube - - pretty cool idea. It makes it easier that you don't have to drive your stuff to your new home. Thanks for continuing to take pictures of your journey.

Rae said...

Looks like you are going to be doing some cramming. It is hard to believe two rooms of stuff will fit. I guess you will have to be creative.

Allen said...

@ Larry - all the info is down. Thanks

@ Michael - I plan on taking photos every hour as we fill it up.

@ Howard - I am ready for it all to be done. =o)

@ Miss Lynda - I am going to take pictures all the way to our new destination.

@ Rae, Creative for sure. Keith is a very good packer from what I have been told. Time will tell. =o)

John said...

It must be exciting to finally be at this point! I'm sure you'll have no trouble jam packing that cube full to the max! Good luck!

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